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"Gain insight into your child's education with our platform. Stay seamlessly connected with your child's school, receive real-time updates, and enjoy complete transparency throughout their academic journey."

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“Reshaping Education”

“Reshaping Education”

Parental Vision App

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We offer a wide range of features, including emergency alerts, communication tools, security measures, and much more, to cater to the diverse needs of parents, teachers, and schools.


Allows teachers to create virtual classroom groups, enabling the sharing of permission slips, homework assignments, and other important information with parents.


Integrate a live video feed feature, accessible only to authorized personnel, to monitor CCTV cameras installed in different areas of the school for security purposes.


Enable two-way communication between parents, teachers, and school administrators during emergencies through a live chat feature or an emergency hotline.

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About Parental Vision App

Founded in 2023 by Ty Sweeney, a driven 19-year-old Salem High School graduate, Parental Vision emerged from a vision of empowerment and transparency. Ty's journey began at the age of 18 when he ran for a local school board position in Indiana, a pivotal experience that revealed a pressing need for transparency in the education system. Witnessing the desire of countless parents to be actively engaged in their child's educational journey, Ty embarked on a mission to create Parental Vision. Today, Parental Vision stands as a testament to Ty's commitment to enhancing school-parent communication, ensuring security, and fostering transparency, reshaping the way parents, schools, and students connect and thrive in the modern educational landscape.

Our Mission

Parental Vision's primary objective is to promote transparency and facilitate parental engagement in their child's education. Our belief is that when parents are well-informed and actively involved in their child's learning process, it enhances the overall academic performance and growth of the student, leading to the success of educational institutions.

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